The Dealer - Tony Royden

The Dealer, Tony Royden, novel, paperback, book, fiction, gangster, crime, comedy, Eastend, London villain, Shotgun Publishing Ltd


About the Author

Tony Royden is a London-based composer/song writer/music producer who has successfully managed to establish himself in many diverse fields within the music industry; from composing stage musicals to producing top 20 pop/dance records and musically directing a prime time BBC TV chat show. Tony can boast over 80 BBCTV title music commissions - including The BAFTA TV Awards, 3 National Lottery shows (including The National Lottery Wright Ticket), EMMAs 2002, Hot Wax, Song For Europe, Grandstand, The Other Half, The O-Zone, The Booker Prize, Winter Olympics, Radio 1 Road Show, Michael Palin presents The Grierson Awards, Mind Games, Equinox and The Red Nose Awards - to name but a few. In 1987, Tony had great success with his musical 'Tanya', for which he wrote music, words, and screenplay. The story of a girl's struggle to beat her addiction to drugs, 'Tanya', was sold to and produced by the BBC - and has been shown in its entirety throughout Europe. The Dealer is Tony's first novel, and promises more for the future.



ISBN: 9780956125309


Tony Royden
Composer - filmography

"Sport TV - live and exclusive" (2008)  TV Series
"Grandstand" (Opening) (2006-2007) TV Series
"Studio 1 Live Football" (2005) TV series
"28 Acts In 28 Minutes" (2005) TV Series
"Match Of The Day FA Cup" (2004) TV Series
Booker Prize Live 2004 (2004)
"Grandstand" (Opening) (2004) TV Series
Mr World 2003 (2003) (TV)
"Premier League Preview Show" (2003) TV Series
"National Lottery Wright Ticket, The" (2003) TV Series
"Mind Games" (2003) TV Series
Grierson Documentary Awards 2002, The (2002) (TV)
Booker Prize Live, The (2002) (TV)
EMMA's 2002, The (2002) (TV)
"Wright Here, Right Now" (2002) TV Series
"Olympic Grandstand" (2002) TV Series
Rolf's Merry Christmas (2001) (TV)
Booker Prize 2001, The (2001) (TV)
People's Booker, The (2001) (TV)
Nations' Favourite Children's Poem, The (2001) (TV)
"Inspector Lynley Mysteries, The" {A Great Deliverance} (2001) TV Series
"Hot Wax" (2001) TV Series
"Exposed" (2001) TV Series
BAFTA TV Awards 2001 (2001) (TV)
Song for Europe 2001 (2001) (TV)
"Dale's All Stars" (2000) TV Series
"Hotlinks" (2000) TV Series
Song for Europe 2000 (2000) (TV)

"Clockwatch" (1999) TV Series
"Places from the Heart" (1999) TV Series
"Sound of Summer" (1999) TV Series
BBC Athletics (1999) (TV)
"Discovering Science" (1998) TV Series
"Quantum Leaps" (1998) TV Series
"Other Half, The" (1997) TV Series (2000)
"Pick 'n' Mix" (1997) TV Series
Radio 1 Night Special (1997) (TV)
Red Nose Awards (1997) (TV)
"Promoting Health" (1996) TV Series
"Social Psychology" (1995) TV Series
Learning Zone, The (1995) (TV)
Radio 1 Roadshow (1995) (TV)
V.E. Day (1995) (TV)
"Equinox: The Bermuda Triangle" (1993) TV Series
Trolley Follies (1992)
"New Explorers, The" (1991) TV Series
"Royal Institute Christmas Lectures, The" (1990) TV Series
Commonwealth Games, The (1990) (TV)

"Data Models and Data Bases" (1989) TV Series
"Fires of Life, The" (1989) TV Series
"O-Zone, The" (1989) TV Series (1991-1994)
Tanya (1987) (TV)

"Grandstand" TV Series (theme) (1999, 2001)

Filmography as: Composer, Miscellaneous crew, Writer

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(2000s) (1990s)
"Dale's All Stars" (2000) TV Series (musical director)

"Other Half, The" (1997) TV Series (music arranger)

Filmography as: Composer, Miscellaneous crew, Writer

Writer - filmography
Tanya (1987) (TV)

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